lyrics »Some Times«

by Carsten Püttmann 2020



I have this wound

But I still believe in you and me

We can defeat everything and more

I believe in

Anything, anything, anything you say

I have this hope

In the end everything is better than now

The love we feel

Forget the scars we have

Anything you say

Any game you play

Every wound you add to me

Any little thing you do



 I found myself

When I was nearly dead

For years I’ve paid for what I’ve done

To all my lovers

I knelt down by your side

Lord, why won’t you listen

To all my words

To all my fears Oh, my dear

All I praid for was

A sign to see

A light that shows me the way

A way for you and me

There’s a way ahead of me

All my hope will rest on you

Don’t admit that I will lose

There’s a way ahead of me

All my hope will rest on you

Don’t admit that I will lose you too 


[03] COUNT

One for your soul

Two for your sorrows

Three for the man you have met

Four for your life

While five is your end

Six is the devil

Seven and eight

Nine means nothing

What should I say

Ten, you never count to ...

Beauty fades

Mind remains

Blind as you are

You'll never understand

One for your son

Two for your tomorrow

Four for your knife

While five is your end

Six is your heaven

Seven and eight

Nine means nothing

What should I say

Ten, you never count to ...



Time went by and I know there’s no hope

No more hope for you and me

You smile at me, but I know it's time to say

To say goodbye forever

I’m so glad to be a part of your life

To be with you in your darkest times

Your best times

I love you more than you’ll ever know

I would ever say to you

Oh, my dear

Should I believe that we will see us again

In a place where love is forever

I hope you lived your life you wanted to

And I'm so glad to be a part of it, you know



If you want to pray for me

There will be no better time than now

My saints are gone

So burn the skies

If you want to take this curse from me

It’s all as it should be

I can’t complain a thing

I’m a victim of my curse

From the bottom to the top of me

My apathy keeps growing now

If you don't care

You’re to blame



You're so good

The best in my life

I am the best

Destroy everything

Now you're here

Stand in the light

You and me

Together forever

Do you now what it means?

I'm an animal

You can't change it

It's a part of me

I'm the best

Coming down on you

Stay away, stay away from me

Stay away, hers's no place to be

Better run better run away from me

You gimme your keys

The doors to your life

I enter your house

And spread me out

No way back

I'm in your life

Your and me

Together forever 



(c) Chris Payne, Midge Ure, Billy Currie



You and me in a maze of love

I wonder why you still here

You give so much I can't pay back

 You light my day

You are everything I have

You hold my hand when I'm down

When I touch the sky

You hold (help) me to fly

Thank you for the time with you

It's the best I can imagine 


[09] NAILS

It's over I know

You said so

Over and over again

What’s wrong with me?

 Spinning around

Spinning around

In a maze of love

I'm spinning around

I praid so many time

To forget what was you and me

It’s 4 a.m. I know

All our promises gone 



On a throne in your heart

A king in a foreign land

I swam through seven seas

Did not recognize myself

Feel my heart is weaker now

And time seems to be over

The light that lights me up

Seems to be darker now

 And I feel again

I do not recognize myself

No more


 I’m the one outside

So I can watch myself

I’m running faster through this life

I wonder who I am

Some say lazy

They even know my name

I lay my hand on myself

Where yours should be

Now I recognize myself

Thinking of you

Fighting the beast inside

Whishing I was dead

I miss nothing

I never missed a thing

There is no other way for me

I'm looking for a way

To run through this life

Hoping it won't be long

I miss you so

When my time is there

Can you call my name

I lay my life into yours

Sleeping by your side